The experience is the best teacher and LAIL is a good student.

In almost 50 years of activity LAIL developed a huge competence in the first material and in the work techniques..


LAIL Merati selects only the best wood, from certified origin.

Quality never compromises: width LAIL you are sure that your products are always up to expectations .


LAIL Merati offers a huge range of proposals, which exalt every type of furnishing, classic or modern.

Wood Tables, Kitchen Cards, chopping wood, lamps and more: LAIL has always the solution you were finding for your home.

Wood turning

Turning is a work technique that requires a remarkable ability: only decades of experience can be gained by turning surprising ideas.
Technology has transformed the wood turning, but it is the man's responsibility to make a difference: the production of LAIL Merati continues to be crafted.

The tradition of wood in the valleys of Bergamo

The turning LAIL Merati is located in Valle Imagna, at the foot of Bergamo orobie.
The territory is strongly linked to wood turning, one of the few sectors of the local economy that still survives to the big industry.



In the heart of the mountains of Bergamo

Imagna Valley, small valley in the province of Bergamo: Hence the LAIL Merati has found its origins and continues to work today.
The turning LAIL wood makes its debut in 1967, a difficult period for the territory, marked by emigration and economic development which is struggling to take off.
The difficult situation did not penalize the Merati family, with passion and hard work, It has managed to consolidate the company and get good results right away.

The experience

Our turning

Over the years, turning LAIL Wood has developed a deep knowledge of the raw material, the high quality wood from which derive only the central part.
The assertion of economic timber has not undermined the solid foundations of LAIL Merati, that has been able to assert its prerogative: only with the best wood you can get long-lasting products, without detracting from the beauty and richness of detail.


Traditional craftsmanship defies supermarkets

After nearly 50 years of life the turning LAIL continues its activities under the guidance of Ivano Merati.
The family tradition has kept firmly on the values of craft production: the activity is resistant to major retailers offering high quality solutions and customized on request.