Turning wood Lail Telecommunication

Wood processing and high-quality products to Wood Turning Lathe Merati

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The wood is one of the the most valuable and versatile materials that nature has given us. Lail wood turning Lail Telecommunication strives daily to discover the secrets of the processing of this material, to provide customers with wood and high quality products.

Lail Merati: from 50 years passion for wood

The wood turnery Lail Merati works for almost fifty years in this area, with passion, commitment and willingness to learn. The experience gained during these decades has resulted in the ability to recognize the different types of lumber. Once you have selected the raw, we slow drying, carried out in such a way as to accentuate the biological and mechanical characteristics inherent in every variety of wood.

We carefully select the lumber from certified origin. We have the skills to work the most prestigious Woods, as the Slovenia's Oak, resistant and to a wide range of uses.

Turning wood Lail Telecommunication

Lathe machining

The experience we have gained over the years is not only limited to the ability to recognize the wood with the best properties, but it also extends to methodologies used for their processing.

We work our timber with the use of lathe, the traditional method of treating wood. We specialize in particular in processing of flan and the master template. In every job we commitment and professionalism.

From our high quality wood, finely machined to eliminate any imperfections, are taken products of various kinds are used as home accessories.

Production of wooden furniture

From the wood stem furniture to make the House more warm and cozy. In addition to pure wood-processing, Lail Merati realizes wood accessories to insert into thekitchen and garden furniture.

The variety of products we make is wide: from chopping boards and wine cellars for wine for the kitchen, at deckchairs, tables and umbrellas to beautify the garden, up to onion-shaped legs at legs for tables, the latter two can be customised on project.

Each job is performed with accuracy, finishing all the details. These accessories give a touch of rusticity the environment of the House, helping to create a comfortable and hospitable.

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