mortar antiqued wood

Mortar antiqued wood: flavors and aromas!

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'’ in a mortar antiqued wood", that cooking pays tribute to the ancient traditions.

A mortar antiqued wood effect: tradition and quality

Lail Merati a Sant’Omobono Terme, It offers a wooden mortar antique single, where mingle utility and style, to bring it into your kitchen a tool of superior quality. Use it to shred or pulverize spices, herbs and other ingredients, perhaps according to grandmother's recipe and … after use, Put it in plain sight on a shelf, to be appreciated! It's traditional techniques which allow you to savor the pleasures of the palate, abandon yourself to the sweetness of the scent of a pesto made a home.
Your ingredients to give taste and flavor … our wood to give strength and history.

Touch of class

'’ in attention to detail that you find the'Experience of woodworking and commitment in the careful selection of raw materials for all our products . Paints and colors used are certified destined for human consumption in total consumer warranty. The craftsmanship of the wood that only ” turnery” you can find, It allows you to appreciate the tree vitality that takes shape in our hands. Nothing is left to chance, each object is an integral part of our company from the beginning.

mortar antiqued wood