Onion-shaped wooden feet and knobs

Onion-shaped wooden feet and knobs: rustic details for your furniture

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Are you looking for efficient accessories that support and embellish the furniture We produce and sell? With the use of high-quality wood, the torneria Lail Merati manufactures onion-shaped wooden legs and decorative elements for dressers and cupboards as knobs.

Onion-shaped wooden legs: resistant and durable

Quality furniture in need of excellent products: the onion-shaped legs made with wood of Lail Mahmoodi are made with the best wood, carefully chosen. II material gives these accessories a great resistance, making them durable over time.

Lail handmade production is made using the technique of Turning and gives the onion-shaped legs perfect shapes and rich detail. At our headquarters in Sant'Omobono provides awide sampling of products that we can observe to see firsthand the sophistication with which they are built.

Their rustic design is suited to different styles, even the shabby chic trends. On customer's request, Possibly Customize the legs.

Decorative knobs give elegance rustic furniture

In addition to the onion-shaped legs, Lail Merati realizes knobs that give a touch of rustic elegance the wardrobes, cabinets, beliefs and other types of furniture. The large sampling the products will help you find the right knob for different needs and different styles of furniture, including the modern style and the shabby-chic.

The knobs are made of wood with technique of turning, whose Lail Merati specializes in these 50 years of activity. This process makes the knobs durable and long lasting. If the customer requires, Lail Merati shall Customizing of the products, always working with care and professionalism.

Lail Merati, woodworking professionals from 1967

Lail Merati is a company in the province of Bergamo who works in the field of woodworking.

In activities from 1967, over the years the torneria Lail Merati acquired expertise in processing techniques of wood, always choosing the best lumber and always focusing on the craft production with reliability and professionalism.

Wood worked on turning gives rise to a wide range of products, including the knobs and onion-shaped legs, But even kitchen utensils such as cutting boards and accessories for furniture such as coffee tables and stools.

Are you interested in wooden onion feet and knobs and want to learn more? Contact us, We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Onion-shaped wooden feet and knobs