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Cutting boards made of solid wood: beautiful and resistant!

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useful allies for the preparation of the dishes, original solutions for presenting dishes: the wooden boards are indispensable for any kitchen.

Lail Merati, turning the province of Bergamo, It offers you a wide range of cutting boards made of solid wood, each to satisfy the tastes and preferences.
Classic or modern, of oak or olive, cutting board for polenta or meat: choose the solution that's right for you!

Wooden chopping boards classic style: make no mistake ever

in products section Site of Lail Telecommunication you will find many ideas of wooden chopping boards classic style.
I traditional woods, such as that oak, give the platter a pale brown, revealing the rich veins of the raw material without attracting the gaze excessively.
The solid wood, proceeds from the heart of the matter, gives strength and durability.
If you are looking for a cutting board for a friend or for your kitchen, Bergamo and its province, with Lail Telecommunication sure to always center.

Cutting boards Olive wood: unique details for the most creative ideas

The olive wood for nature is equipped with incredible veins, making it one of the best varieties in terms of aesthetics. Treatment with olive oil enhances even more the intensity of the colors and the contrast-detail.
Lail Merati obtained from olive wood exceptional cutting boards, from classic shapes and modern, that will win your table.

Beech wood cutting boards: unique in their kind

Beech cut to head and willing to Board for an effect that immediately catches the glance! You can have anything but traditional and completely original, the cheese platter with practical and refined airtight glass jars to hold jams and honeys. You can impress your guests with the delicate homemade jams and fine honeys, to taste with your favorite cheese and you will feel the protagonist.

Cutting board for polenta: the tradional, the quality of wood

In every house Bergamo area We are there for the polenta.
Lail turning wood Lail offers you his cutting board for polenta, from elegant style and from exceptional quality.
Give your family a special guest Sunday!
Did you enjoy the presentation of chopping wood Lail Telecommunication? Discover all in product gallery, along with many others kitchen accessories, the Home equipment and the garden!