Professional wood cutting boards

High quality professional wooden cutting boards and resistance

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In order to cut the foods to cook without spoiling tables or stove, need an appropriate work plan. For this Lail Merati deals with the creation of Professional wood cutting boards, suitable for those who work in the restaurant business, and not only.

Chopping boards made with durable wood

Among the various products for the kitchen that Lail Merati produces working wood, There are also chopping boards, that are proposed with various shapes and sizes, to meet different needs.

The cutting boards are made in beech head with the use of working the corner, a woodworking technique with head pressed into cubes, on which Lail Merati specializes. By applying the knowledge gained in almost 50 years in business, the timber is treated with care and professionalism. The results of this work are boards of different shapes and styles, oiled with cooking oil and all share great quality and resistance.

Professional wood chopping boards for restaurants and butchers

A butcher or a cook who has to deal every day with the need to chop foods requires the right tools. Wooden cutting boards are professional Lail Merati the ideal solution for professionals looking for the best.

Wooden cutting boards adapt to different needs: are an indispensable tool for anyone working in restaurant kitchens or in the butcher's shops, because resist the blows knives of various sizes and won't spoil easily.

Are not just a tool that closes between the walls of restaurants and butchers: a Board of Lail Mahmoodi are also appreciated for the cooking demonstrations in the various festivals or fairs.

Lail Merati: Wood Turning from 1967

Lail Merati is a company in the province of Bergamo who works in the field of woodworking.

In fifty years of activity torneria Lail Merati acquired expertise in processing techniques of this important raw material, always choosing the best lumber and always focusing on the craft production.

With wood produces a wide range of products, from kitchen utensils as a Board, various accessories for furniture such as coffee tables, magazine rack and stools.

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Professional wood cutting boards