Precious oak of Slovenia among the new features of turning L.a.i.l..

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A durable type of wood such as oak barrels Slovenia prized from the best European forests to give a touch of class to our products.

Every article in fine oak barrels Slovenia has its uniqueness, conferred by natural element: the wood!

The European and Asian oak grows in the temperate forests, It has an erect trunk, adjust, robust and weatherproof. The grain is straight and slightly’ irregular while weaving is rather coarse but the characteristics that make it distinctive are: the aburno and the Heartwood yellowish brown streaked with rays called “mirrors”. For these peculiarities has a wide range of use. Since ancient times it was used in the construction of ships, wine barrels, beams for dwellings, floors and furniture of high quality and long resistance. Each environment can be enriched by a special oak, be it furniture structural.

The return to the L.a.i.. Sant'Omobono Terme, always looking for the best, implements ambitiously its product range with an essence of wood with warm colours and delicate, able to withstand the test of time, offering fine articles, useful and indestructible.

The value of the wood blends with the elegance of the decorportariv and born a magazine rack truly unique in its kind.

The craftsmanship gives the particularity that only the hand of Art is experienced operators can offer, you only remains the best choice of the angle in which to place it to enhance its characteristics.


The chopping board Oak attention to detail and sophisticated design …

combines functionality and robustness to bring in your houses an object indispensable that will “ honor” to your kitchen.

Its rounded shape and grips practices will allow you a practical and easy use.tagliere7