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Mortars, wooden pepper mills and rolling pins: our kitchen accessories

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A professional kitchen needs adequate instruments. To meet the needs of chefs and industry professionals, the torneria Lail Merati manufactures kitchen accessories, whom Mortar, Pepper Mill and wooden rolling pins,

The mortar for a pesto unbeatable

To prepare a delicious pesto it takes a mortar that is solid, practical, but also nice to be presented to customers in Hall. I mortars of Lail Mahmoodi are made of wood worked with precision by experienced craftsmen. Are available in different shapes and sizes, to meet every need. Lail Merati produces its mortars with lumber from certified origin, through the technique of turning.
Among the proposals appears on mortar made from antiqued wood, which stands out due to its timeless elegance.

Beautiful and functional models

For professional kitchen is important grind well pepper and other spices, as used in many dishes. Lail Merati realizes wooden pepper Mills, look cute and durable. You can choose between different sizes, in the photos below availability. Nice appearance also makes them suitable as decorative accessory on the tables in the dining room, can give a rustic atmosphere.

wooden pepper Mills

The wooden rolling pins: cooking accessories always useful

Even though the technology allows today to have advanced machinery, a handrolled pasta He has one more genuine flavor a paving with a machine. I rolling pins of Lail Mahmoodi are made made with wood, and are available in different sizes.

Our turning produces traditional rolling pins or Swivel. Even the timber we use rolling pins certified origin and carefully selected,which is then worked through the technique of turning.

Wooden rolling pins


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